IS This book really free?


A lot of people write in and ask “Brendan, if this is really free… why are you asking me to pay for shipping? 
Doesn’t that mean it’s not actually free?”
Personally, I consider getting this book into your hands the first step in a long term relationship that I hope has multiple wins for you.
With that in mind I’d like to share why I pay out of my own pocket to buy this book from my publisher and send it to you.
I do lose money on every free book I give away, even when you cover the shipping cost.
There are two reasons I’m willing to do that.
  • I believe in this material so much and I KNOW it will change your life if you implement it. When you put the time and sweat equity into these strategies… you can rise to the top of your industry. You can get enough followers to make opportunities like book and record deals a no brainer for publishing companies. Your work will attract high level promotional and strategic partners. And that excites me.

  • The more books I get into the marketplace the more this builds my brand and it gives me increased opportunities to do what I love. Speaking, teaching, creating courses and inspiring people worldwide.

If having one million followers is important to you, and you want a proven way to get there, it’s all laid out in this book…
And if you’d prefer to purchase it at full price you can do that at Amazon, Audible, or Barnes and Noble. 
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Brendan Kane

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